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Friday, January 20, 2012

PixieDust Goes to Camp Hardknock!

That's right, camp is coming, and we're so ready!  PixieDust had its start in awesome cabin wear, and this season is no different.  Check out our all-new, fabulously designed, and totally unique Cabin Spirit Jackets and pick yours up today for just 99L.

Our first jacket is done in standard CHK colors and plain on the back for anyone who would like to show their camp pride or join on in all the camp fun. Comes with Adult, Child, and Tot jackets.  Personalization available.  Prims are modifiable to customize your fit.  Tot jackets come with an inner prim tintable to match your shirt layer.

Cabin Jackets come with Child and Tot jackets included.  Prims are mod, and tot jackets contain the tintable inner prim.  Jackets are UNISEX, and can be worn by boys or girls for their cabins. Personalization is available. 
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