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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Your Time to Shine!

This week,  ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ brings you a totally fun, absolutely trendy spring outfit called "Shine."  Seven different colors, a rockin' leopard print, and loads of sparkling accessories make this an outfit you won't want to miss!  Grab our two outfits marked just for 50L Friday or any of the release for less than half the retail value only this weekend.

50L Friday Specials

Other colors discounted through the weekend:

The Gatcha Festival is finished, but if you missed Word Up!, the bracelet gatcha is now available in our main store.

Keep the magic and don't forget to "Shine!"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Valentines

PixieDust is ready for spring with two adorable vintage dresses.  Patterned with old-fashioned Valentines, both are perfect to wear all spring long. 

Both dresses are available through this weekend at a special introductory price of just $150L -- less than half their retail value. 

**Special Note: Both vintage dresses include skirts designed to wear with the featured jacket; however, the jacket is not included and must be purchased separately.  Details and style cards are included with both outfits.**

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be Mine! Gatcha Festival

Word Up! PixieDust friends!  We're headed out to the Be Mine! Gatcha Festival for our very own brand of lucky chance magic.  Featured at the festival are our brand-new Word Up! bracelets.  Check them out below:

With all-original, hand-created textures, each bracelet has a wide leather band with metal snaps and a word spelled out in metal letter sliders.  Easy to read and transferable for gifting.  Our Gatcha also contains bracelets suitable for boys, girls, adults and children of all sizes.

Commons: Tough, BFF, Brave, Fierce, Boss, Baby, Star, Laugh, Live, Love, Angel, Dream, Queen, Believe, Sweet, Fath, Peace, Taken, Not, and Duh
Uncommons: Diva (in white sparkles), Rebel (black metal), Prince (Golden)
Rares: Princess (Golden), Sparkle (white stitching, white sparkles and silver underlay), Glitter (glittery, sparkling letters),

Collect them ALL at the Gatcha Festival at Little Sprites from February 1 - February 14.  This item is exclusive to the Festival and will not be sold in our mainstore until after the festival ends.