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Friday, December 30, 2011

PixieDust Rings in the New Year!

Happy 2012 to all our favorite pixies out there!  We're celebrating in style with four gorgeous, spangled dresses perfect for welcoming the new year at any party or occasion.  And if you're going to winter camp, this is a great opportunity to pick up your winter formal for a song.

Firework comes in four beautiful colors and includes a tot option made especially for the little ones.  Each package includes two different skirts, one textured, and one with a sheer animated overlay (four skirts total) for that extra sparkle.  Firework also comes with a coordinating hairbow and sparkling flats with flower accents.  A black satin sash lets you mix and match tops and skirts from different dresses to customize your look.

Snag Firework for just 50L on Friday, and have a happy and safe New Year's.  Keep the magic, and we'll see you in 2012!

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Glitterfied Christmas at PixieDust!

Christmas is right around the corner, and ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ is ready to celebrate.  This week both ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ and the S&S gallery have some special 50L treats for your holiday.

GLITTERFIED back in Christmas jewel tones to mix and match all through the holiday season.  Pick up the Ruby and Emerald skirts this week and stay tuned for more coming up in this popular series.

Don't forget to visit the Starbrook & Seideler blog for their latest releases too!  Stay warm, drink plenty of hot cocoa, and keep the magic until next.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Rose and Black Friday

Elegant and frothy, Winter Rose is the perfect party dress to make any little girl feel like a winter princess. Winter Rose includes both child and tot options with prim seed pearls, beautiful bows with ribbon and rosebud accents, and velvety Mary Janes with bow-trimmed buckles. Prim parts are modifiable to customize your dress to fit you.

Winter Rose is available in several colors.  All colors available in-store will be half-price until Monday, November 28th as a Black Friday special.  Please contact McKennah Starbrook directly for gift options or shop our store on the Marketplace for your holiday gift giving needs.

A special edition Winter Rose in Crimson will be available ONLY at our booth at the Winter Dream Festival for only 200L.  75% of your purchase of this outfit will go to the Salvation Army to help families, children and the elderly in need in our local communities.  Please support the Salvation Army this Christmas season and snag this beautiful dress for your holiday pictures.

NOTE: The Glitterfied ICE tank top was discovered to have a glitch in it.  If you purchased the ICE tank top singly, in a duo pack with Onyx or in the fatpack, please contact McKennah Starbrook or Brenna Seideler for your replacement textures, or stop by our main store to pick them up free of charge.

Friday, November 11, 2011


A beautiful, painstakingly crafted mix-and-match outfit when you need to get dressed up, ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ presents "Sunday."  Sunday includes a long dress version, and also a babydoll with black pants option, along with all the prim accents you've come to expect. The "Kid" option includes a sash with a bow, while the tot option is done babydoll style, but all parts can be worn by tots and kids (some resizing required).

TOT OPTION -- "Sunday" comes with a complete tot option in both dress and pants versions.  But as usual, most prims are modifiable to let you customize any version you like to fit you.

The Halloween clothes are gone from the store until next season, but if you missed them, you can still snag them on Marketplace!

Keep the magic.

Friday, October 28, 2011

GLOWFEST Skirt Sets for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ is ready to celebrate.  This week, we're bringing you four ultra-cute, ultra-bright outfits perfect for showing your spooky spirit and partying on the dance floor.  The GLOWFEST sets are crazy cute, and come in all your favorite colors: pink, purple, turquoise, orange and green. Each one comes with a separate dotted turtleneck, stripey tights and knit boots, plus a bright top with it's own unique applique and saying.  And of course, you get one of our party-ready GLOWFEST skirts, black on top, but with a full ruffled inner skirt in your favorite color and touched with a hint of glow -- perfect for Halloween and for mix and match all through the year.

Pick up GLOWFEST in orange, pink, purple and turquoise at ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~!

~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ is honored to be invited to The Kids' Room this round as a guest designer.  Snag GLOWFEST in Green only at TKR this season.

Have a safe and happy Halloween with plenty of your favorite treats (and maybe even a few tricks), and remember to keep the magic!


You love mix 'n match, and here at ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™, we do too!  Introducing the next addition to our popular GLITTERFIED line, the sparkly, sequined GLITTERFIED tank tops in a variety of colors.  Each top comes with both shirt and undershirt layers, modifiable prim straps and an optional prim bottom for both kids and tots.  Tanks go perfectly with our GLITTERFIED skirts, and are great for mix and match with your favorite outfits.

GLITTERFIED tanks are sold SINGLY, or in fatpacks of four.  But check out how they look in our duo-ads below:





Can't get enough GLITTERFIED?  Snag one of our value-priced fatpacks.

Fatpack #1: Ice, Magenta, Lilac and Sky

Fatpack #2: Onyx, Mint, Citrus, and Turquoise

Stay tuned and keep the magic.

Halloween at ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™

~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™ gets ready for Halloween with our adorable new outfit, SPOOK.  Spook comes with a ghostie ruffled top and black spangled leggings, an optional black turtleneck to keep little arms warm in the chilly fall air, glittery shoes and plenty of ribbons and bows and accessories, all with teeny ghostly accents. 

AND this week from    ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™ we have a second outfit to add to your favorite Halloween wear.  Fright is in orange and black with rockin' studded leggings (great for mix-and-match all through the year), prim ruffles and plenty of pumpkin accessories.

Have a safe start to your holiday season and keep the magic!

"Wings" Tee

A mix-and-match piece, "Wings" was created to celebrate the fairy tale theme of Little Sprites, and features a specially designed artwork from our artist-in-residence.  All prim parts are modifiable.  To maintain the beauty and detail of the design, the "Wings" art comes on a separate prim panel attached to the chest and sculpted to fit.  Wear it with jeans or one of our GLITTERFIED skirts and spread your own wings a little.

UPDATE: "Spread Your Wings is now available as a wall art from Starbrook & Seideler.

"Adorable" Outfit

Head into fall with this ADORABLE and cozy set from Pixie Dust, just right for the crisp autumn days.  Outfit includes our sweet pink fleece top with modifiable prim sleeves and body, a flexi brown denim skirt, cozy knit tights, coordinating bow flats and matching hairbow.  Outfit is accented with a plaid applique butterfly and the writing "I am adorable."

Most prims are modifiable to make fitting "Adorable" to your unique shape easy and copiable in case you make a mistake.  Also available on Marketplace for easy gifting.


For mix and match lovers,  ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™ has released a series of the cutest, sparkliest skirts around.    Bouncy and covered with sparkles, they're so fluffy, you'll want to die ... Check out the first three in the series below:

Glitterfied makes its next appearance in soft spring greens and purples with all the spangles and ruffles you've come to expect. 

The sparkles don't stop in the fall, and GLITTERFIED gears up with its first dark version.  Gorgeous and velvety, GLITTERFIED in Midnight is perfect to mix and match with your fall and winter favorites. 

Can't decide?  No worries, grab the GLITTERFIED fatpack!  Six gorgeous skirts in the colors you love, and best of all, at great value pricing.

Fitting can be difficult, especially for kid avatars.  All GLITTERFIED skirts come mod/copy so you can adjust them to fit you perfectly (and start over if you make a mistake!)  Stay tuned for more in this popular clothing line...

Until then, happy shopping and keep the magic!

Welcome to ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™

We're delighted you came by!  ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™ is the latest creation of artist Brenna Seideler, a beautiful, and carefully crafted clothing line for little girls in Second Life®.  Each outfit is painstakingly created, combining high-resolution photo-sourcing with hand-drawn detail, and built with the specific needs of child and tot avatars in mind.  We hope you'll stop by often to see what's new, both here and at our new mainstore in the Little Sprites Mall.  Have suggestions or feedback?  We'd love to hear it -- drop us a note here or send notecards or IMs inworld to McKennah Starbrook or Brenna Seideler.  All you need to keep the magic in your SL® is a little bit of ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~™!