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Friday, October 28, 2011

GLOWFEST Skirt Sets for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ is ready to celebrate.  This week, we're bringing you four ultra-cute, ultra-bright outfits perfect for showing your spooky spirit and partying on the dance floor.  The GLOWFEST sets are crazy cute, and come in all your favorite colors: pink, purple, turquoise, orange and green. Each one comes with a separate dotted turtleneck, stripey tights and knit boots, plus a bright top with it's own unique applique and saying.  And of course, you get one of our party-ready GLOWFEST skirts, black on top, but with a full ruffled inner skirt in your favorite color and touched with a hint of glow -- perfect for Halloween and for mix and match all through the year.

Pick up GLOWFEST in orange, pink, purple and turquoise at ~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~!

~*~[Pixie*Dust]~*~ is honored to be invited to The Kids' Room this round as a guest designer.  Snag GLOWFEST in Green only at TKR this season.

Have a safe and happy Halloween with plenty of your favorite treats (and maybe even a few tricks), and remember to keep the magic!

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